Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Benefits of Common Core to the Silicon Valley and Bay Area

Benefits of Common Core to the Silicon Valley and Bay Area

A thriving and productive community-based education system is a critical component to the success of any modern day society. It is entrepreneurial life blood and sustenance to the Bay Area and Silicon Valley. We are driven by innovation based upon education, creativity and technology. The current California state standards were not adequately preparing our students for the global economy, the power of today’s technology and the modern workforce. The previous standards, although better than many other states, were challenged and archaic in delivering the ingenuity, critical thinking and problem solving skills needed to sustain or grow one of world’s largest economies. Many benefits of the adoption and implementation of the Common Core State Standards to the Bay Area and Silicon Valley schools will be realized through collaboration.

  • Philanthropic organizations are rallying its donors, business constituents and community leaders to assist in providing education leadership with both tactical and strategic insight.
  • Fortune 500 companies such as Chevron, McKesson, Google, Walmart, Apple, Microsoft, PG&E, Oracle, HP, FaceBook, Wells Fargo, Intel, Cisco, Xerox, SanDisk, and Yahoo are either strengthening or reestablishing ties to their local education community by providing equipment, volunteers, monetary donations and developing internship programs.
  • Schools and teachers are adopting real-world project based lesson plans and ideas that solve real-world challenges and tie together core subjects (math, reading and writing) with context subjects (science, social studies, history, creative arts and sports).
  • Local Chambers of Commerce are also actively participating by involving their business members with school districts and local school activities.

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